We couldn’t have done it without our SPONSORS!! 

Entreamigos is grateful to the dedication and support of so many people.   We continue to be amazed at the power of community when people choose to participate.   We are honored by every person who chose to make a difference on Saturday and we are especially appreciative of our major sponsors that enabled us to do this project in the first place.


EMERALD COAST FOUNDATION committed “in kind” services valued at over $20,000usd towards the site prep, irrigation, landscaping and maintenance of the park.   Emerald Coast staff will continue to maintain the grounds of the park for 6 months after construction.  Emerald Coast staff member Steve Cooper literally moved mountains to get us ready for the big day and continues to work with us to finish the job!  We appreciate Faurest and Erik for sharing our enthusiasm for the value of this project in the community and choosing to support it.

THREE SWALLOWS FOUNDATION is one of entreamigos principal financial supporters.  Their continued generosity allowed us to have the infrastructure as an organization to support the huge undertaking of constructing a park.  We were lucky enough to have many members of  the Foundation join us as volunteers on the build day construction!   A great big thank you to Michael and Robin for their continued commitment to entreamigos and San Pancho and to Rachele for organizing the Foundation members for this event.


MARC VAN GEFFEN offered to “help out” and ended up building the entire front wall of the park, dedicating many of his workers to the job and spending much more energy, effort, money or time than either of us expected.  We very much appreciate his generous participation and we are sure that we have the strongest park wall in all of mexico!!

ESQUIMALT HIGH SCHOOL was our very first donor to the children’s park project and helped us get the project off the ground.  This group of high school kids raised $1700usd to donate to the children of San Pancho. We had an amazing exchange with this great group of High School kids visiting from Canada and while they were here they worked with local kids to create two benches that will remain permanently in the park.  

ED and FRANCES BARLOW generously supported the Tiny Tots area as well as purchasing a bench and a tile to support the park project.  We are excited and grateful for their participation and can’t wait for them to visit their very own “Barlow Bench!”

SKIP AND LYNDA DICKERSON generously sponsored the Giant Swings.  We know the kids will love those swings and we are super grateful to CHRIS PARSONS for the design and construction.


CHRISTY BEGUESSE OF A BROKEN ART MOSAICS brought a whole team of helpers to work with kids and parents to design mosaics on the big day.  Christy was an enthusiastic supporter and generous with her time and knowledge.  We loved working with her and hope she’ll return to help us do more mosaics in the future!

AZULEJOS COLONIALES CARSOL in BUCERIAS gave a generous discount on our rush order of tiles for the sponsorship wall.  In addition they donated the signature plaque that will carry the history of the day and be mounted at the entrance.

MATERIALES SAN FRANCISCO facilitated all of our materials needs for the park.  They donated blocks towards the construction of the front wall and have been easy partners that helped us and continue to help us get the job done!

BRIAN JOHNSON helped us coordinate all of the construction activity of the BUILD DAY and is continuing to help and organize all elements of the park construction.

MANY, MANY MORE people and organizations helped us with donations of materials, workers, or raffle items.  We have so many people to thank that we will never name them all here but WOW!  Thank you! 

Chris Parsons

Richard and Mark from “La Selva”

Arq. Ernesto Nava from “Decloxic”

Felipe Tome from “Lemmus”

Rodolfo Alvarez Tostado

Humberto Ramos

La Ola Rica Restaurant-Bar

Cafe del Mar

La Perla Restaurant

Carniceria El Charro

Tacos Miguel

Jardin de Pancha

Masaje Silvana

Tienda de Ramona

Dulceria Bety

Ferreteria Cardenas

Un Arbol de Amor

Abarrotes Brenda y Karina


Tacos de Carnitas

Tacos Jorge

Cocina Economica Rigo

Farmacia Feyma

La Taza del Cafe

Nieves Palomera

Artesanias Silvia

and many, many more!!

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